Feb 26, 2009

Jealous of

ooh girl shock me like an electric eel !
baby girl turn me on with your electric feel.

Feb 15, 2009

Whats Going Down: Presidents Day Weekend

Current Music: Weekend Wars- MGMT
Currently Wearing: My glasses, my bangles, and my friendship bracelets, a paisley print green hippie top and black short shorts.
Currently: talking to Erik and Ernest online

I'm sunburn ! Today's horse show was very fun. Grand Champion Desert Rose (; Ericka managed to place first in everything which was pretty awesome. I think this horse is a keeper, which is great. She's like brown and white but its mixed not a paint and she's super cute, and five years old. I actually like her, which is a plus. This weekend since I'm grounded I haven't really been doing much. Friday night we went polo hunting at Macy's and Bloomingdale's for Ericka. I love the Ralph Lauren polo's but she didn't like them. Saturday was Valentines day, stayed home and had a nice dinner with the parents.

Today besides the show... I went to Goodwill. I got a black skirt, knee length its greatt but needed to be washed. I got a short sleeve green, white and brown flannel, it's warm and comfy. Gots a double breasted black blazer, its light too which is great. My mom found a military jacket with brass buttons thats pretty good. I found a tent like sequin shirt that deff needs to be altered but its good. Lastly, I found the prettiest dress ever (picture to the right) It's so heavy, and pretty. It has so much detail and its just gorgeous. Knee lengnth and fit great. Worth the trip and the eight dollars :D
I'm going to go thrifting tomorrow, possibly. Even though I've done nothing this weekend doesn't completely suck (: Early release on Thursday which is great, and hopefully I can do something.
forever and ever yourss

Feb 9, 2009

Grammy Fashions

So normally I don't watch these telivision awards shows. I just don't really care. But since I'm still sick I thought...Why not look at the live on the red carpet speical from E!? So, that's exactly what I did, and some of these dresses I saw are gorgeous so I just had to share my POV with you guys.

  1. Petra Nemcova wearing a gorgeous silver dress and some flats. Not loving the flats, even if you are a supermodel. Her and James Blunt walked around and posed together. I still can't find the name of the designer, even though I love this dress.
  2. -GAG- Miley Cyrus had on a pretty good dress. I loved the way shape of the dress looks on her. It's a gorgeous fit, and the it's not a boring black.
  3. JHudson, loved your outfit. The top was amazing, and the skirt was too, but I liked the top better. I liked the way her hair and makeup go with the outfit also. Nicely done. Also, GG to your performance, it was beautiful.
  4. Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. I loved this dress. Rocking the glitterati, very chic. One thing though, we see this too much. I loved it though, just spice it up. You still look amazing and I would kill to be you.

So, I'm still sick. Going to school yet again tomorow and wearing the white crochet sweater I took from mom. It's FCAT writes tomorow ! I hate doing that type of writing. Hopefully I'll get another perfect from last year, please please please. Too all that feel as bad as I do, get better.

-ani ohevet atah (i love you)

Feb 8, 2009

Mom Knows Best

Day three of being sick, and it's just gotten worse. My parents and sister are like three hours away looking at horses (Ericka's a competitive rider) so I'm home trying not to die. I took the liberty of poking around my mom's closet, but she doesn't really care, and found some amazing things. Before I get into details, my mother has amazing style. She's a graduate of FIDM (Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandsing) and I deff get my love of clothing from her. She always has the greatest peices and wears them really well. Which is exactly why I wasn't suprised to find these amazing things.

  1. The white shrunken crochet cardigan was given to my mom by my grandma's friend. The wrist part is tight and about two inches thick and then just a chrocet sleeve. It's super comfortable and has cute square buttons. Things like that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans to update the look.
  2. Orange, pink, blue, and yellow skirt is amazing. In the picture the darker parts are actually mesh which gives the skirt such a fun look. I wore it on my waist instead of my hips and its super cute. The designs are gorgeous and it does have clear sequins. Skirts like this that have so much color should be worn with a more simple plain shirt and simple shoes.
  3. The black, white and gray skirt is great. You can wear it with an old t shirt and converse or a nicer blouse and some cute shoes and it would look great. The print is in style for Winter which is great since I believe that skirt is older then I am !
  4. This aqua old belt I found is a great way to throw color in an outfit. It's kind of rusted and pretty heavy because of all the silver but it does look pretty good with almost anything. If you have a crazy belt wear in on your waist with a more simple shirt. It's a great way to show it off.

Alright, well I'm going to go back to being sick and updating you with all my fashion talk. To everyone else thats sick feel better ! I know how you feel :/

air hugs and kissessss -adrian

Feb 7, 2009

So what I did this Saturday night is summed up by this quote:
asmaee: "haha i knoow . but i love how its a chat room, yet no one else is talkinggg"
I cleaned my closet ! Hooray for OCD, I color coded everything. I also found this skirt that I made a while ago. It's white and has pockets and rouching at the top. It's alright, but you'd need to spice it up or else it turns into like little house on the prairie. I was wearing that scarf all day, its so big and warm. I stole it from my mother, but she never uses it and I love it more then her (:

BREAKING NEWS: just kidding, but I did just get an email from my mom (I know an email she could just tell me since I live in the same house as her) talking about Spring break ! It's in the first week of April I think, I don't even know but I do know...


I'm so excited ! Since my dads a crazy person and all he's doing a half iron man so its the main reason were going. That's like Thursday till Sunday in San Diego, so maybe I get to go to the zoo, like I've always wanted to but never could :/ I get to miss school Friday ! Staying at the Den Daas household will be fun though. Sunday heading up to Laguna Beach Baby ! Sunday through Wednesday, which deff means a trip to FASHION ISLAND. What a great place, and to South Coast Plaza, if you ever go to California those are great shopping places. I'm probably going to get my haircut too, since my mom's friend cuts hair in Newport. Wednesday the K's are off to Hermosa/ Redondo as my mother stated in the email. Uncle and Aunts house on the beach, and Passover. Doesn't matter where you are, Jewish holidays are always celebrated. Saturday we leave the gorgeous state of California, and I'm positive I'll be missing all of you.
Now I'm going to go back to talking to Jaykob since he loves me and is decently entertaining me
Yankee056: so
Yankee056: adrian
yoadriian: yes darling?
Yankee056: i love you
much loveeeee
xoxo -adrian

Fashion Question: Party Dress

Don't fret darling, your absolutely right... I have way too much time on my hands ! A dress is actually a really easy thing to find for any party. You said your going to a sweet sixteen but these rules could apply for a bat mitzvah, or a quince or whatever. The only thing is what type of dress and what price range. I'm going to pick some stores online, but they all have locations here in one of the malls (: Since you are going to a party, I'm sure you don't want a lengthy dress or one that's too dull because no one wants to blend in. Color is for sure key when picking out a dress. When shopping online its always awesome to read the reviews and see what people have to say about sizing and what not.
Silence & Noise Strapless Tulle Hem Dress is an online exclusive on Urban Outfitters, and I love the color. It's a great length for a dance party and you can wear it with or without the tights shown in the picture. It does have pockets which is always something cute. The reviews on this dress say its a great dress and fits like a glove if you get the right size. One thing I will point out is that people claimed that if your chest is larger you should go a size up for it to fit. Pair it with a belt or some cute jewelry and it's a great party dress. For makeup I would go with like a smokey eye since it is purple, but the dress does come in black if you don't like this color.

Disco Sequin Dress on Forever 21 online will for sure catch peoples attention at a party. I think its a super fun dress and its also a good length. I'm not so sure I love the gold color on this girl, but with darker hair it would deff work. The straps are adjustable and the bust is padded, which are both pluses. There aren't any reviews with this dress but it is available in stores to try on. For this dress I would wear it with some bangles and a simple shoe. Tights or anything would just draw attention away from the dress. For makeup I would for sure play up your eyes with a gold glittery shadow and you will be good to go ;D

Breaking Down the Runway: Spring 2009

With help from Teen Vogues March edition, I'm going to break down Spring 2009's hottest runways looks into more affordable and comfortable looks. For starters, the short bright party dress was super popular on the runway. There were also some bright floral prints and a symmetrical designs to keep the looks fresh. One shoulder is definitely a huge look for this season. If you want a spunky party dress I would for sure check out Twelve by Twelve (online) If you get a plain dress, try it with some patterned tights, a fun bag or crazy heels to keep the look fresh. Different graphic prints have spotted this season with designer Narciso Rodriguez. I personally love these types of prints because it's fun to mix and match as long as you do it the right way.

Never mix plaid with anything, it always looks horrible. Florals and stripes are pretty easy to mix but you just have to be careful, it goes without saying that no one wants to be a fashion disaster. If your going to play it safe though, try mixing a graphic skirt with an old t-shirt and some converse. It's always fun to throw in comfortable pieces with a more updated look. Metallic mini skirts are another item that you can pair with a tshirt to dress it down or a slinky tank top to dress it up. If skirts aren't your thing, try a pair of bright shorts in pink, or purple. Delia's online actually has some really nice shorts for Spring, and their sizing and such is always great. Well with my advice, and the warm weather to come... I can't wait for springgg !
Being sick is the worst thing going on in my life right now, but at least it gives me time to update my blog ;D and search flickr.com mindlessly for hours. BUT ! I found these amazing pictures I just had to post.
"Smoke Art"

Feb 6, 2009

California Here We Come

Being a girl from the east coast I've always been acustomed to the Miami ways of dressing but recently after reciveing this amazing book from my Aunt and Uncle, The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style put me in the mood to further discover the west coast style. Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcett are two fashion icons that are the deffinition of the California girl. Flowy skirts, and blouses in pretty floral prints paired with light wash denim are a great way to express your west coast style. Halter dresses and shirts are prominant on the beaches because their so easy to just throw on and off. Bright colors mixed with different prints are shown on all sorts of celebritys through out the California streets. Accesories have been said to be the most important part of an outfit, so to master this style find either brown shoes and gold jewlery. Gladiator sandals, slouchy purses and long pendant necklaces give you the perfect boho look.
Looking back to the countless episodes of the OC, mini skirts were always spotted on Marissa and Summer. The perfect skirt is should be a lower-slung, loose skirt. I think length should never be too short because that's not very attractive. Denim mini skirts are always a good staple to have in your closet but if you want a more up to date look try a sequined one, their fun and you can dress them up and down. I have one in black from Delia*s and I love it. Another up to the minute trend that can be applied to west coast style are plaid shirts. Jean shorts, or the denim mini would be perfect to wear with this type of shirt and perfect for the look.
Since California is on the west coast, that means there are plenty of beaches and warm weather ! The perfect california bathing suit is your classic two peice string bikini. I know that Pac Sun carries super cute bathing suits and their always on sale. The same rule applies with bathing suits as most summer and spring trends. Brighter is better. If your not into string bikini's try a bandeau bikini. I love them and their perfect for tanning because they don't have the straps up to your shoulders. To shield yourself from the sun, grab a pair of ray-bans or aviator glasses and your good to go (;

Feb 5, 2009

Winter 2009

After recieving countless catalogs, drinking tea just to get warm, and realizing this mornings temperature was fourty two degrees, I came to the conclusion that I must write a trend report for Winter 2009. Purple, like always is a major trend this season. According to WWWD's styling tips, instead of wearing the ever trustworthy LBD to your next formal event, try to spice things up with a purple frock. I also think that purple tights are another way to add color to any outfit. Since it is Winter your look should be able to also deal with the dropping temperatures. I think the perfect look is a warm jacket with a scarf or turtleneck to keep your neck warm, paired with dark skinny jeans and tucked into either ankle boots or tall boots. One thing I absolutley hate though, are tallboots with a heel. Wedges are fine, just heels look tacky. Thrift stores are an awesome place to grab super comfortable sweaters. Today actually, I wore one that I picked up at a Wyoming thrift shop for one dollar. I love it and it kept me super warm (:
Mensware is an ever prevalent trend this winter. Button downs tucked into wide trousers are a perfect way to achieve this look. Throw on an oversize caridgan and put your stuff in a messanger bag and you'll be good to go ! Other peices that can be used to update this look are vests in darker colors to go with this seasons pallet, brown or black skinny leather belts, highwasted skirts, and patent leather shoes. There are so many trillion ways you can pair these items to get the perfect look. For instance, wear a button down shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt with purple tights and black ankle boots...It's a mix of purple, mens ware and with a girly edge. The best places to pick up pieces for this season to me are forever 21, Delia*s for staples and Urban Outtifters for other things to update your look.
Stay Warm !
xoxo -A
p.s pictures from garancedore.fr