Nov 30, 2008

People Say That I'm a Rock Star

Sparkly necklaces, sequin skirts, studded belts, and logo tee's have been spotted just about everywhere this season. The "Rock Star" look is something any girl can achieve by grabbing a few things off the super low sale rack or just looking in their closet ! For the girl who isn't so bold with fashion, try a demin mini skirt paired with a graphic tee (see left, all from Delia*s) and a big scarf for a chilled out version of the look. Another idea that would be perfect to achieve rock star status is a over sized solid or dark shirt with high shine leggings or maybe even a super shiny skirt. Colored skinny jeans have been adored by celebrities for a long time now. I know Rihanna has been rocking the red ones while Fergie really likes the yellow ones. You can pretty much get them anywhere now, I got mine at Delia*s where I get most of my stuff anyways ;) Personally I think this trend is best achieved with darker clothing but you can swap out just about anything for a lighter hue.

For accessories, slouchy boots or moccasin boots are a comfy way to be spotted just like Vanessa Hudgens (right). Over sized print scarves are now spotted just about anywhere and can be thrown on with a graphic tee, don't be afraid to mix and match patterns. For makeup and nails go bold and try a darker look. Try to use gray or navy blue instead of basic black. Lately I've been using blue eyeliner and I love it. When applying eyeliner take your time, its so hard to get off ! Be careful and not look like Jenny has been looking recently in Gossip Girl! The raccoon thing doesn't work for anyone. Neon nails have been spotted lately on a few celebs and I actually have some too! Essie's summer collection has a bunch of brights with adorable names ex: my bright orange mini shorts. In essie's new line theres even a maroon color called Rock star Skinny. If you want to splurge, I love Chanel's Dark Satin and Blue Satin. They stay on for a long time and have a super glossy shine.