Feb 7, 2009

So what I did this Saturday night is summed up by this quote:
asmaee: "haha i knoow . but i love how its a chat room, yet no one else is talkinggg"
I cleaned my closet ! Hooray for OCD, I color coded everything. I also found this skirt that I made a while ago. It's white and has pockets and rouching at the top. It's alright, but you'd need to spice it up or else it turns into like little house on the prairie. I was wearing that scarf all day, its so big and warm. I stole it from my mother, but she never uses it and I love it more then her (:

BREAKING NEWS: just kidding, but I did just get an email from my mom (I know an email she could just tell me since I live in the same house as her) talking about Spring break ! It's in the first week of April I think, I don't even know but I do know...


I'm so excited ! Since my dads a crazy person and all he's doing a half iron man so its the main reason were going. That's like Thursday till Sunday in San Diego, so maybe I get to go to the zoo, like I've always wanted to but never could :/ I get to miss school Friday ! Staying at the Den Daas household will be fun though. Sunday heading up to Laguna Beach Baby ! Sunday through Wednesday, which deff means a trip to FASHION ISLAND. What a great place, and to South Coast Plaza, if you ever go to California those are great shopping places. I'm probably going to get my haircut too, since my mom's friend cuts hair in Newport. Wednesday the K's are off to Hermosa/ Redondo as my mother stated in the email. Uncle and Aunts house on the beach, and Passover. Doesn't matter where you are, Jewish holidays are always celebrated. Saturday we leave the gorgeous state of California, and I'm positive I'll be missing all of you.
Now I'm going to go back to talking to Jaykob since he loves me and is decently entertaining me
Yankee056: so
Yankee056: adrian
yoadriian: yes darling?
Yankee056: i love you
much loveeeee
xoxo -adrian

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Anonymous said...

i love your opening partt ;]
" its a chat room but its just me and you talking "
oh and have funn in calliii, loveee you(: