Dec 27, 2008

D-I-Y Jeans

To me, nothings better then when I get asked where I got something and I can say, "Oh, I made it." Here are tips to update your closet with this seasons trends.
Tye-Dye Denim
With recieving my new issue of Teen Vogue, I've realized that light wash, ripped and frayed denim is perfect for this upcoming season. Follow these steps and you can achieve the look made just by you!

Materials: Jeans, Scisors, Razor (Shaving), Bowl, Saftey pins, an empty bottle and bleach.
  1. Pick out an old pair of jeans that you would actually wear. It doesn't matter what style but preferablly straight or skinny. Color choice doesn't matter either. I went for a regular color and straight jeans in my example.
  2. Use the bowl and place it inside the leg of your jeans. Take the razor and scrape the denim against the edge of the bowl for a more frayed area. This doesn't work for long rips.
  3. Take the scissors and cut small horizontal lines wherever you want holes to be. A cool idea is to make a bunch of smaller holes near the knee area. Some holes can go from the front to the back if you prefer.
  4. I personally cut out the back pocket because it's generally darker then the whole jean itself which gives it a cool look.
  5. Pull apart some of the smaller holes until they rip to form bigger holes if you prefer.
  6. Now that your done ripping, fill up and empty water bottle with bleach and take scissors to poke a hole in the top of the bottle.
  7. Lay your jeans on a concrete surface, or somewhere you don't mind getting bleach on.
  8. Now, using the bottle, lay the jeans down on whatever surface and apply as much or as little bleach as you would like to the front and back side of the jeans.
  9. Hang them out in the sun (preferably) for an hour or two to really let the bleach soak into the jeans. If you don't get the color you want or want to add more color repeat step eight.
  10. Wash and dry the jeans and add saftey pins or patches if you'd like. If not...Tada! Your done (: