Feb 6, 2009

California Here We Come

Being a girl from the east coast I've always been acustomed to the Miami ways of dressing but recently after reciveing this amazing book from my Aunt and Uncle, The Lucky Guide To Mastering Any Style put me in the mood to further discover the west coast style. Goldie Hawn and Farrah Fawcett are two fashion icons that are the deffinition of the California girl. Flowy skirts, and blouses in pretty floral prints paired with light wash denim are a great way to express your west coast style. Halter dresses and shirts are prominant on the beaches because their so easy to just throw on and off. Bright colors mixed with different prints are shown on all sorts of celebritys through out the California streets. Accesories have been said to be the most important part of an outfit, so to master this style find either brown shoes and gold jewlery. Gladiator sandals, slouchy purses and long pendant necklaces give you the perfect boho look.
Looking back to the countless episodes of the OC, mini skirts were always spotted on Marissa and Summer. The perfect skirt is should be a lower-slung, loose skirt. I think length should never be too short because that's not very attractive. Denim mini skirts are always a good staple to have in your closet but if you want a more up to date look try a sequined one, their fun and you can dress them up and down. I have one in black from Delia*s and I love it. Another up to the minute trend that can be applied to west coast style are plaid shirts. Jean shorts, or the denim mini would be perfect to wear with this type of shirt and perfect for the look.
Since California is on the west coast, that means there are plenty of beaches and warm weather ! The perfect california bathing suit is your classic two peice string bikini. I know that Pac Sun carries super cute bathing suits and their always on sale. The same rule applies with bathing suits as most summer and spring trends. Brighter is better. If your not into string bikini's try a bandeau bikini. I love them and their perfect for tanning because they don't have the straps up to your shoulders. To shield yourself from the sun, grab a pair of ray-bans or aviator glasses and your good to go (;

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