Feb 9, 2009

Grammy Fashions

So normally I don't watch these telivision awards shows. I just don't really care. But since I'm still sick I thought...Why not look at the live on the red carpet speical from E!? So, that's exactly what I did, and some of these dresses I saw are gorgeous so I just had to share my POV with you guys.

  1. Petra Nemcova wearing a gorgeous silver dress and some flats. Not loving the flats, even if you are a supermodel. Her and James Blunt walked around and posed together. I still can't find the name of the designer, even though I love this dress.
  2. -GAG- Miley Cyrus had on a pretty good dress. I loved the way shape of the dress looks on her. It's a gorgeous fit, and the it's not a boring black.
  3. JHudson, loved your outfit. The top was amazing, and the skirt was too, but I liked the top better. I liked the way her hair and makeup go with the outfit also. Nicely done. Also, GG to your performance, it was beautiful.
  4. Carrie, Carrie, Carrie. I loved this dress. Rocking the glitterati, very chic. One thing though, we see this too much. I loved it though, just spice it up. You still look amazing and I would kill to be you.

So, I'm still sick. Going to school yet again tomorow and wearing the white crochet sweater I took from mom. It's FCAT writes tomorow ! I hate doing that type of writing. Hopefully I'll get another perfect from last year, please please please. Too all that feel as bad as I do, get better.

-ani ohevet atah (i love you)


Rowy's Reads said...

awww you do love me you posted about Miley :]

Anonymous said...

i hate katy perry she disgusts me, and i love ur comment on her.<3 lol....anyways another great blogggg. i had fcat writes too! stupidest prompt. should high school team sports plays get paid was mine. even tho i would get paid. i said nooo. hehe. Keep writing. cant wait for the next =)
and feel better!
alexa rochelle katz
(wow my comments suck =p)