Feb 5, 2009

Winter 2009

After recieving countless catalogs, drinking tea just to get warm, and realizing this mornings temperature was fourty two degrees, I came to the conclusion that I must write a trend report for Winter 2009. Purple, like always is a major trend this season. According to WWWD's styling tips, instead of wearing the ever trustworthy LBD to your next formal event, try to spice things up with a purple frock. I also think that purple tights are another way to add color to any outfit. Since it is Winter your look should be able to also deal with the dropping temperatures. I think the perfect look is a warm jacket with a scarf or turtleneck to keep your neck warm, paired with dark skinny jeans and tucked into either ankle boots or tall boots. One thing I absolutley hate though, are tallboots with a heel. Wedges are fine, just heels look tacky. Thrift stores are an awesome place to grab super comfortable sweaters. Today actually, I wore one that I picked up at a Wyoming thrift shop for one dollar. I love it and it kept me super warm (:
Mensware is an ever prevalent trend this winter. Button downs tucked into wide trousers are a perfect way to achieve this look. Throw on an oversize caridgan and put your stuff in a messanger bag and you'll be good to go ! Other peices that can be used to update this look are vests in darker colors to go with this seasons pallet, brown or black skinny leather belts, highwasted skirts, and patent leather shoes. There are so many trillion ways you can pair these items to get the perfect look. For instance, wear a button down shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt with purple tights and black ankle boots...It's a mix of purple, mens ware and with a girly edge. The best places to pick up pieces for this season to me are forever 21, Delia*s for staples and Urban Outtifters for other things to update your look.
Stay Warm !
xoxo -A
p.s pictures from garancedore.fr

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someones going to become a fashion designer =)