Feb 8, 2009

Mom Knows Best

Day three of being sick, and it's just gotten worse. My parents and sister are like three hours away looking at horses (Ericka's a competitive rider) so I'm home trying not to die. I took the liberty of poking around my mom's closet, but she doesn't really care, and found some amazing things. Before I get into details, my mother has amazing style. She's a graduate of FIDM (Fashion Institue of Design and Merchandsing) and I deff get my love of clothing from her. She always has the greatest peices and wears them really well. Which is exactly why I wasn't suprised to find these amazing things.

  1. The white shrunken crochet cardigan was given to my mom by my grandma's friend. The wrist part is tight and about two inches thick and then just a chrocet sleeve. It's super comfortable and has cute square buttons. Things like that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans to update the look.
  2. Orange, pink, blue, and yellow skirt is amazing. In the picture the darker parts are actually mesh which gives the skirt such a fun look. I wore it on my waist instead of my hips and its super cute. The designs are gorgeous and it does have clear sequins. Skirts like this that have so much color should be worn with a more simple plain shirt and simple shoes.
  3. The black, white and gray skirt is great. You can wear it with an old t shirt and converse or a nicer blouse and some cute shoes and it would look great. The print is in style for Winter which is great since I believe that skirt is older then I am !
  4. This aqua old belt I found is a great way to throw color in an outfit. It's kind of rusted and pretty heavy because of all the silver but it does look pretty good with almost anything. If you have a crazy belt wear in on your waist with a more simple shirt. It's a great way to show it off.

Alright, well I'm going to go back to being sick and updating you with all my fashion talk. To everyone else thats sick feel better ! I know how you feel :/

air hugs and kissessss -adrian