Mar 31, 2009

hate packing?

so do i ! but at least i got my internet back (;
i'm going actually post interesting posts soon ahha.


So, I just realized how much I hate it when I straighten my hair. I love it au natural, seriously. Besides the bangs, I vow not to straighten the whole thing for a while. I miss this.

I miss Summer !

Counting down the days, Spring break is almost here. I want Summer.

All tied up;

I wish I was this much fun. I'm pretty bored right now. I'm reading Catcher in the Rye. Not at this second though, then I wouldn't be bored. Looking at the new lookbook posts. If you'd like to see mine, or become a fan hit me up. The link is on the left side of the page.

Mar 28, 2009

I wish I was Barbie.

I had every single Barbie known to man-kind. I had an airplane, a convertable and a pink Barbie Dream House with working elevator. I had so many clothes for my barbies that the outfits (including the shoes) were in seperate small bags. I loved them so much, I gave them all away though. The point of me mentioning my childhood love is that designers created looks from Barbies closet so that we can wear them too just to mark the 50th Annvicersary of everyones favorite doll.

Mar 25, 2009

Spring Dresses

These are super pretty -sigh- I wish I had all the money in the world.

The (Ex) Presidents Daughter

Vanity Fair says "For spring ’09, she worked with Women for Women International, which teaches women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo how to hand-dye fabrics. The one-of-a-kind materials accent Lauren Pierce’s timeless cocktail dresses, double-sided capes, and perfect-for-spring skirts, and 10 percent of the proceeds from sales go back to supporting the artisans."


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Mar 22, 2009

Emma Beam

I'm inlove with these pictures, Emma Beam is truley gorgeous

Mar 20, 2009

Gucci SS2008

love this add, natasha is gorgeous and so are those shoes -swoon-

Mar 18, 2009

Paul and Joe Fall 2009

Simply amazing, kind of in love with this collection.
Sans the pink fur though, but its utterly gorgeous.
pictures from ny mag

Mar 15, 2009

i want that, and i want it have a really hot accent.


i found some really great music photos on flickr so excuse me for the next five trillion musically inspired posts.

Desert Rose !

This is our pride and joy now. A seven or eight year old horse. She's really cute though. I don't even like horses but I thought she was pretty awesome. Another weekend at another horse show. My mom got a pedal for the new sewing machine though (YESSSSS) I can't wait to test it out for her. I have to finish my spanish homework, but have a good weekend guys!

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Mar 11, 2009

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mourning langerado

last weekend could have easily been one of the greatest weekends of my life.

langerado 2009 thanks for nothing,
langerado 2010 can't come fast enough.

from russia, with love

Sasha Pivovarova's Russian Vogue spread.
I cannot stop looking at these pictures, she's gorgeous.

i wish i could buy the abandon house...

Mar 8, 2009

Freida Pinto

-searching through flickr being extremely jealous-

What a bad idea.

Madonna’s Doing a Clothing Line With Christian Audigier.
The Mirror reports: He offered a six-figure deal and put on a private catwalk show to inspire Madonna, telling her to "Express Yourself". But he needn't have worried. Her Madgesty, 50, thinks Christian is a true fashion innovator and jumped at the chance to work with him.
Her designs include tattoo-inspired T-shirts and diamante-encrusted bodices.
I'm not loving this idea at all. (info from

Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009

Karl, I'm truely, deeply, devoted to you.

Mar 7, 2009

Jealous of

Her blog is Fashion Squad, in my favorites.
I'm inlove with her style and her hair.
I miss my long hair.

Going to Temple

What the fam and I wore to temple.
I loved what my mom was wearing !

Scarf: Beige cheetah print Skirt: Unknown Shoes: Dark Maroon cheetah print

Skirt: ECI New York, metallic. Belt: Silver Love buckle. Cardigan: Delia*s victorian print.

So last night after being inspired by searching fashion blogs during spanish class, Ali and I had a little DIY moment and bleached, cut and tore some old jeans. Ali picked some hot pink skinny jeans and then a pair of my old jean cutoffs which are this weird black material. I grabbed these old chonga looking jeans and then at the last second I impulsivley grabbed an old pair of skinny jeans.

Those are the results after bleaching, and once you wash them it was the same thing. My skinny jeans turned a little lighter and picked up the tye dye effect. It's so easy to do, but be really careful if your going to use bleach. Do it outside in an open area and wear icky clothes. Have fun !

Mar 3, 2009

Whats Going Down: The Weekend of Feb 28-29

Current Music: One Red Thread- Blind Pilot
Currently Wearing: Some red sweater and sweats. My hair's soaking wet.
Currently: I feel like I'm about to die, and I'm on the phone with Erik. I'm super sick and eating some soup.
This weekend was kind of good. I really liked my outfit on Sund
ay and decided to take a picture with MY NEW DIGITAL CAMERA. My dad was just like, "Don't you want to see what I got you?" and then he shows me a brand new camera. I was so happy, and it's not even remotley close to my birthday. All that day I was in Wellington, Florida checking out s
ome super high class horse show thing that my sisters friend rode it. It was nice, she did really well. My sister or my family for that matter now owns an adorible seven year old horse. Desert Rose is her name, and it's probably the only horse I actually like. On Friday, Allie and Allison slept over and we took a stroll in the middle of the night. Eleven to be exact, but we didn't sneak out mom let us go. Saturday I babysat this adorible girl and actually baked brownies. I can't bake so this was an accomplishment for me. I went to goodwill on Sunday and found this really pretty long skirt (I'll note in some blog sometime later) and a really old Mickey Mouse sweater. I seriously feel like I'm going to die, so I'll write laterrrr
xoxo -adrian

Mar 1, 2009

Hope everyone had a good weekend, I'll post more later but I have to study for this HUGE Bio test. Wish me luck ! Oh, and enjoy these picturess, and thanks to my mom for emailing them to mee (:

Spring Shoes 2009

Spring is right around the corner. Thank god too, California here I come (: This seasons shoes are a huge variety of strappy sandals, fringe boots, and towering studded stilletos. Beige, along with pinks, oranges and reds are huge colors for Spring in the shoe department. Watercolor and almost tye-dye shoes have been found as a pretty big trend for Spring. Keep them clean though, because their faded they get old fast. Heavy metal add ons such as zippers and studs are a major trend this season. Alfisi by Aldo is a great srappy black studded shoe. I seriously wish I could wear more heels because these are amazing. (picture posted) Just like Summer 2008, Moccasins are back and prefect for Spring. Flats and Heels also have been seen with the fringe look. Gladiator sandals are back once again but not expected to make as big of an impact as last Summer. No matter what, for Spring the more straps the better. For just fifteen dollars, Forever 21 makes a great yellow strappy gladiator, I love the color too, it's great for Spring or possibly Summer (picture posted). If your looking to add some print in your shoes, grab a pair of floral printed or embelished shoes. Old navy and Forever 21 always have really cute cheep shoes. Personally going to DSW I find great shoes but you have to search forever to find them. Good luck (: