Mar 7, 2009

So last night after being inspired by searching fashion blogs during spanish class, Ali and I had a little DIY moment and bleached, cut and tore some old jeans. Ali picked some hot pink skinny jeans and then a pair of my old jean cutoffs which are this weird black material. I grabbed these old chonga looking jeans and then at the last second I impulsivley grabbed an old pair of skinny jeans.

Those are the results after bleaching, and once you wash them it was the same thing. My skinny jeans turned a little lighter and picked up the tye dye effect. It's so easy to do, but be really careful if your going to use bleach. Do it outside in an open area and wear icky clothes. Have fun !


Rowy's Reads said...

sew the hems :D

Anonymous said...

אני אוהב את זה. הם כל כך חמודים.
(i love these. they are so cute.)
now u betta smile lol. =)