Jun 15, 2009

-every single one of my friends
-those chongas who talk really fast and have super long nails
-healthy -the fruit stand !
-my bike -the beach
-my dog -fun fun fun fun
-palm trees -lack of the word "yall"
I missed home so much :/ too bad i have to go back on thursday !#$%

thursday-monday (18-22) georgia yall.
-sisters horse show, i don't just go for fun. although sonic is amazing. we need one in Florida.
july 2-11 maryland and NYC.
-maryland: fourth of july, visit the family. museums. get ericka from super honors whatever.
-new york: SHOPPINGGGGGGG. oh and visiting the family.

other things:
-(hopefully) july 23-24 islands trip with the friends? maybee. please? i need to plan it.
-yearbook trip up to west palm from like the 25-29? of july.
-i might do a sewing camp or something. i don't remember. i agreed to it beacuse my mom was forcing me to do something this summer. oh well.
-uniform shopping alsdgjasldjgasl. really? WHY. i'm doing my best to get crafty with uniforms, there's these horse back riding things called zocks, there like tights/socks. i love them. i need so much new stufffffz. pants, shirts, skirts. yes, skirts. who care's if they have to be knee length? whatever.

Wish List:
  1. STUDDED BALLET SLIPPERS ! from the post earlier in the month or something. i want them so badly, my mom agreed (i think) i just need them. its no longer a want. i want anything studded at this point. i love love love studsssssss
  2. new fenders and basket for my baby. sixthreezero skull beach crusier. i love it. its black and pink and has skuls. i need to get it from allisons actually.
  3. shoes. all of mine are worn out, dirty, tattered. i need slouchy boots, i've wanted them forever and i never actually got any. i really want an amazing pair of flats, maybe two?
  4. a great bag for school. i love shopping for school, it makes me feel so organized. maybe cause i have ocd with everything.

NOTE: scarves are allowed for uniforms ! yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay spandex ;/ no tights ughhhhh (think i'm wrong? look)

The following items are not permitted to be worn: Low cut jeans, hats, caps, headwear, hoods, oversized shirts, knee length shirts, homemade shirts, spaghetti straps, spandex of any type, polyester leggings, athletic wear, sweatpants, pajama pants, bedroom slippers, exposed underwear, baggy jeans, baggy pants, baggy shorts, midriffs showing, short-shorts, skirts above the knee, and swimwear.]]

alright, going biking possibly today ! red kiwi yesssssssssssssss. call me up, i leave on wednesday. forever and always. -adrian

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Anonymous said...

jesus christ adrian! you have a talent on you! totally jelous.

maybe one day i'll be as cool as you and write about things that matter haha

we gotta hang out over the summer!

keep on going, you're gonna be famous one day, i know it, and i can say...HEY! I KNOW HER! but then when i call you, you wont forget me cuz maybe i'll be famous too! haha

love ya<3