May 13, 2009


Where do you find fashion tips?

Name the magazine that you feel give the best fashion advice!
Vogue hands down.

How would you best describe your style?
Toned down grunge/rock-ish. Half my closets black or gray.
I'm in love with bleached jeans or bleached anything. Also anything shiney or embelished with studs. I love converse sneakers too.

You prefer to view your fashion advice from?
Blogs or Magazines
Oh or my mom, she's the best.

Who do you consider a style role model?
I love, love, love Rachel Bilson's style.
Also, Kate Moss is a given.
Willa Holland...I love her clothing.

Name one person who has had the biggest impact within the fashion industry!
Coco Chanel- for sure. Or Audrey Hepburn

What is your favourite piece of fashion advice?
If you don't feel good wearing it, it's not worth it.
Who is your favourite designer
Varies per season, Spring it was Anna Sui.

Name your favourite piece of clothing in which you own.
I have way too many favorites. I love old t-shirts.
My favorite pair of jeans is actually one I made, I love wearing them.
I really like wearing my "Members Only" Jacket from H&M that I got recently

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