May 2, 2009

happy saturdayyy

that picture is great, such a good 'weekend' mood picture. (cobrasnake)
okay here's my list of things I needed to say...
  1. my internet is still down and I'm using my mothers computer but I really don't know how long I can use this or when I'm getting my internet back.
  2. for those who have my number and try to get it touch with phone is currently broken and I really don't know when I can have it back. the screen is cracked but I can still recieve calls.
  3. the greatest thing in the whole world is when the right mix of people comes into your life and just decides that they're always going to be there for eachother without actually saying so. I'm not sure anyone's really going to understand this but just putting it out there.
  4. tonight I'm partying ! (: swim party tooooooo, this just reminds me of summer.
  5. lastnight i re-read all my yearbooks and I almost cried. everyone changed so much, even if your face didn't. I don't want anything to go back, but I'm sad people changed.
  7. oh no this is last...I'm stiill selling shirts = akoenigsberg.blogspot. I would really love if anyone wants one to contact me (:

have an amazing rest of the weekend guys and I hope no one gets into too much of anything. if that even makes sense? heh,

much loveeeee, adrian

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