Apr 9, 2009

"Culture with a capitol K"

The title is an ode to Uncle Mike. Happy Passover to all the Jews (:

I wanted to update my blog with the pictures of the fabulous things I have bought ! So many things, I have way too many clothes! I bought an ACDC shirt, those two patterns in the right hand upper corner are just shirts, the WASTED YOUTH y-back is a favorite of mine (: the "sup" shirt was from a great skate shop which I also got new bearings for my baby (it rides SO much better), there are studded white shorts somewhere in the picture, a khaki double layer skirt, Tye-die and striped tights, and that nice green t-shirt. Today at H&M I was really disappointed but I managed to get a gray cardigan with bubble sleeves, a black members only jacket, and red skinny pants. They aren't jeans though, but super comfy!

Speaking of clothing....
UPDATE: I, Adrian, am going to start selling vintage t-shirts which I "customize" for around fifteen dollars. There will be around seven styles for girls and one general style for guys. I don't know when it's going to be up and running but I will for sure give you all updates. I might expand and it doesn't only have to be just t-shirts but I'm going to see what I want to do. Thanks everyone (: I'll be able to really post more when I'm home. I'm still loving California and missing everyone!

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Anonymous said...

H&M = life.
so.. i kind of hate you. like a lot. not even going to lie. i guess we'll see who has the cuter outfit when school starts up again B)